Cape Coral Lawn Maintenance
Cape Coral Lawn Maintenance



"We recently purchased a second home in Cape Coral and Myles and Christine have been taking care of our landscaping and pool for about 6 months now. They both do a fantastic job. Christine was able to perform magic on our pool and removed many of the old stains left by the previous owner. Our pool continues to look great every time we are in town. Myles does a great job on the landscaping and grass as well. Myles and Christine do more than take care of our grass and pool. They keep an eye on things for us when we are not there and are more than willing to go the extra mile. I am so thankful we found them and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Jeannie T.


"I live on Sanibel and I have used Myles from the first day he started almost 5 years ago. I am very happy with his work and more importantly him, as a person.  He and Christine are always available should I have a need to talk with them.  I would recommend him (and have) anytime I have the opportunity."



"Myles does a great job. He is reliable, and keeps my yard looking great. He quickly responds to any requests like trimming a tree or bushes. I love how he never blows the grass into the flower beds. He is always professional and consistent in the quality of his work. I highly recommend Garry's Lawn Service."

Patricia G.


"Thank you Myles & Christine for the upkeep on our lawn and pool. It was most comforting to know your company always kept on top of everything, and kept us well informed of the condition of our pool, mulch, etc., before our big move from NY. Please keep up the wonderful work! See you next week, and thank you once again."

Tony & Sue


"Myles and Christine have been fantastic to work with. We recently purchased a vacation home in Cape Coral and Myles has been maintaining our pool and lawn/landscaping since. We also had extensive landscaping completed. Myles took the time to listen to us and take our ideas along with some of his own recommendations to develop plan that fit our budget and wants. He has since transformed our yard into a beautiful property that we will enjoy for years to come! We're very happy with the professional service we've received thus far and would highly recommend Garry's Lawn Service."

Gino and Sue P.

"As a 'snowbird' I rely heavily on Garry's Lawn Service to not only keep my property's yard, trees and pool in good shape in my absence, but also to keep an eye on everything in general for me, and advise me if anything seems out of place. I am very pleased with their service, quick response to requests and overall business integrity. I highly recommend them without hesitation."



"I have gone through 5 lawn and pool services in the past 4 years. Most don't care, they don't listen and they provide ZERO service. The most recent company - before Gary's Lawn Service - had the wrong phone number on their e-mails, and a disconnected phone number on their invoices... Amazing! So when Myles showed up within 2 hours of calling and quickly demonstrated that he understood the challenges of my yard and how to fix them - my confidence in his attention to detail and professionalism grew. He has since more than proved himself - always punctual, always follows through, he does what he says he will do and he does it well. He even responded to a minor crisis with tenants that was outside his statement of work - and performed flawlessly, calming the tenants down and solving the problem very creatively and quickly - all at 10PM!"

Adam C.


"These guys do more than just mow and blow; they care about how our yard looks. We get compliments on their work from neighbors and visitors. Very, very good value."

Mike B.


"Top quality work. Very pleased with my yard -total clean up. Totally satisfied. Very polite workers."

Al L.


"Super service at a great price. Would highly reccomend this firm for anything to do with your yard/garden. my lawn has never looked so good."

Godfrey C.


"Your communication is consistent, you are always on time, and the work is excellent! Thanks so much!"

Kim D.




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